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Coffee tradition

“It is said that the gods, in ecstasy after drinking their first cup [of coffee], awarded green fire upon this land of Antioquia and all who cultivate its mountains with love and mysticism. 

And thus, one after another, perfect and resplendent gems of nature sprouted from the shrubs, giving rise to the beans that constitute this legend of the coffee growing tradition.”

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The company GREEN HILLS COFFEE is located in the municipality of Ciudad Bolivar, within the department of Antioquia in Colombia.  We achieve an excellent production of coffee through our commitment to social and environmental responsibility and fair and friendly working conditions.

Our ongoing concern for the wellbeing of our employees and for conservation of the ecosystem is embedded in the culture of the organization and reflected in every stage of the production process.

Our family of GREEN HILLS COFFEE is proud to be able to produce very high quality coffee, thanks to a growing environment that is unique in the region and an excellent workforce.

We carry in our hearts and in our blood the heritage of our mule-driving forefathers, entrepreneurs who plowed the way for progress and development by seeking productive alternatives, building community, and making the most of every fistful of soil to bring about a better quality of life and peace to the settlers of this prestigious land.

Fruits of the coffee tree

The seeds are opened to remove the seeds or grains, removing the pulp that protects them, by means of a wet or dry process.

Green coffee

It is the way in which large-scale coffee beans tend to be commercialized. The grain is already peeled and ready to be exported.

Roasted coffee

It is the final process, depending on whether one or another roasting method is used, the natural coffee bean and the roasted coffee bean are obtained.

Production farms